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The Office of Duke Kunshan University Programs, located on Duke University’s campus in Durham, North Carolina, coordinates the academic and programmatic elements of Duke Kunshan programs from the perspective of Duke’s faculty and administration.

The Office works in conjunction with Duke Kunshan leadership and senior Duke administrators to plan and develop academic, research, and training programs at Duke Kunshan, and to oversee the study at Duke experience of Duke Kunshan students in the following ways:

  • developing collaborative opportunities for Duke faculty and students at Duke Kunshan University
  • ensuring the quality of academic programs at Duke Kunshan and ensuring that Duke Kunshan University programs meet relevant U.S. accreditation requirements pursuant to the awarding of Duke degrees
  • coordinating review of courses and faculty appointments at Duke Kunshan University on behalf of the Duke faculty
  • working across campus to plan and implement study at Duke for Duke Kunshan students who elect to study abroad at Duke
  • working with Duke faculty to develop new academic programs at Duke Kunshan University
  • publicizing Duke Kunshan activities and collaborations to members of the Duke community
  • and coordinating the Duke components of planning for the new four-year undergraduate program at DKU.

The Office helps cultivate and facilitate Duke faculty involvement in Duke Kunshan and in China by providing support and funding for course development, research, workshops, and other events that promote collaboration across the institutions. In addition, the Office works with Duke and DKU administrators to support Duke Kunshan students while they study at Duke, and to help Duke students who attend Duke Kunshan integrate the experience into their curriculum planning.

Contact the Office of DKU Programs

The Office of Duke Kunshan University Programs is located on the 2nd floor of the Flowers Building on Duke's West Campus. You can reach us using the information below, or contact a member of our team directly.

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Mailing Address
Office of Duke Kunshan University Programs
Box 90036
Durham, NC  27708

Physical Address
Office of Duke Kunshan University Programs
404 Chapel Drive
​Flowers Building, Suite 214
Durham, NC  27708

(919) 684-1958

(919) 668-7860