Duke Student Involvement

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To effectively address the complex challenges facing the world, university students will increasingly need to understand a diversity of perspectives and be able to craft solutions that include global considerations. Duke Kunshan University’s programs are designed to combine pioneering liberal arts education with an awareness of global perspectives in an internationally diverse community. At Duke Kunshan, students engage deeply with faculty and peers from across the world. They learn in an integrated, inquiry-driven way that trains students to think creatively and to use knowledge across disciplines, preparing graduates to address complex twenty-first century challenges.

Duke students have opportunities to engage with students from Duke Kunshan either on study-abroad experiences at the Duke Kunshan campus, or during Duke Kunshan students' study at Duke. Whether by travel to Duke Kunshan or by involvement with Duke Kunshan students here in Durham, it is expected that Duke and Duke Kunshan working together will foster a more globally aware environment for students of either campus.


Student Stories

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